Class Act Dezman Moses Will Make Packers Defense Even Scarier

For Dezman Moses, he unfortunately didn’t hear his name called at the 2012 NFL Draft. But perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. Because a week later, he was signed by the Green Bay Packers. Pretty good place to be drafted.

“It’s extremely exciting and an honor. I am blessed to be in that position. They were one of my favorite teams growing up. Even during the season, they are one of the teams I really watch because of the great athletes and great players that they have,” Moses told Jared Ginsberg of Class Act Sports, in an exclusive interview.

The 6’3” 250-pound defensive end has also played linebacker, spending two years at Iowa State before transferring to Tulane where he spent his past two seasons playing football.  He knows the talent that the Packers defense has, and the opportunity it presents for him.

“I can’t wait to go out there and see the way they work. Guys like Clay Matthews, who is one of the defensive players of the year, it’s just an honor to be able to see them work in practice and their work ethic because that’s part of the reason they are the players that they are. I can’t wait to get out to Green Bay and get to work and help them win a championship,” Moses said.

Being able to play more than one position is a huge advantage, and should help Moses find his niche with the Packers right away.

“I’ve been a linebacker all my life, but being a defensive end is a little different. The difference between linebacker is just a different array of skills that you need to use and be able to have to play that position and be successful at it. Fortunately, I feel I can be successful at it because of the skills I do have and will develop over the years,” he told Class Act Sports.

But more specifically, his ability to get to the quarterback and create opportunities for his defense , is a huge reason why he was signed.

“The Packers are a 3-4 defense, so they use their outside linebackers as rushers also, which is one of my strengths. My junior year was my first year playing defensive end and I had six sacks. Last year…9 ½ sacks. It’s one of those things that feels natural to me now and I’ve been called a natural pass rusher which is a blessing. Everybody loves pass rushers so if I can come in and even help with one small thing getting to the quarterback, getting pressure on him, that effects the whole defense,” Moses said.

A Class Act off the field, Moses has done many things to help kids, whether it has been coaching football, or helping with homework.

“It’s a huge deal. Football is just a platform and I understand that. I am blessed with the ability to be able to play and at the same time you have to use that in the same way off the field and be a mentor to kids. I want to use that in a positive form instead of the negative way that you see a lot of athletes do. I love working with the kids. It is an honor, and I can’t wait,” he said.

While with Tulane in Louisiana, he helped out at youth camps.

“It was big there. I worked two years in a row. Inner city kids would come and it’s about two weeks of football and actually education in the morning. You get to teach them life lessons, things like that. Just to help them become men. Some of them come from broken homes where they need someone to look up to and it’s really an honor to be able to talk to those kids and really influence their life and work with them,” he told Ginsberg.

Moses went on to say how much this meant to him, and that it probably affected him more than some of the kids.

“It may be something that changes their life and that is the ultimate goal. If you are doing it all and you have all the money in the world, it doesn’t mean anything if you can’t help anybody. That really touches me and affects me in a positive way. Probably touches me more than it touches them. Just being able to do that is a blessing,” he said.

On the field, he has already thought about what it will be like when he makes his first big play next season.

“I am definitely one of the players who likes to envision the future because I think it helps motivate players. I can see it already- my first sack, fist pumping, hearing the crowd go crazy and helping my team to victory. And I can not wait until that moment happens,” Moses said.

He concluded the interview by saying that he understands that kids will be looking up to him, and he needs to be a good role model both on and off the field.

“When you come off the field, you are just like everybody else. Once you come home, you have to be a law-abiding citizen who does what they can to help people. I want to be an example to kids. Guys who want to help the community and reach out and be a positive influence, and that is the type of player I want to be,” Moses told Class Act Sports.

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